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Accurate Welding specializes in heat treating all steel to prevent distortion or cracking near welds during machining and/or cold strained areas during processing. We also do heat treatment of flame cut edges. In addition, we are equipped to normalize steel, from a heat range of 950° to 1,150°, which refines its grain structure to a more uniform consistency thereby improving its machine-ability.


We have (2) on-site ovens to accommodate any size job. Our large capacity furnace is powered by a single high-velocity jet burner.


At Accurate Welding, we understand the importance of heat treating steel fabrications at the proper temperature and cooling it at a constant and uniform rate to prevent residual stresses. To prevent future problems, we always determine the hardness of the steel prior to placing your molds into our furnaces and once again upon completion.


In order to ensure that the job is done to your specifications, we utilize the following ovens:

JENSEN #1 132" L X 80" W X 56" H

JENSEN #2 138" L X 95" W X 72" H



Manufacturers like to make mold and die changes by welding the current mold or die whenever possible. It's a matter of time and money. Making an entirely new tool can cost much more than using an expert welding house that can do professional color matching.

Doing the job right is the only way to get the job done.

Short cuts just don't work and the last thing you want is a manufacturer rejecting the re-engineered tool because of substandard welding. If you're going to color match and restore a welded cavity surface to pre-weld consistency prior to etching or diamond polishing, you need to start with an accurate welding house who knows what they’re doing.

To do the job right the welding house needs to have highly-skilled technicians and welders and a full array of in-house steel treating furnaces. Without proper pre- and post-heating furnaces to ensure the right level of re-tempering is performed and hardness variations or grain growth created by weld arc-streams are removed, the job can’t be done right. If you want a mold or tool to emerge from the furnace looking like new, choosing Accurate Welding will save you time and money.

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